What to dress to a Dinner Party

Continuing from my previous post, ‘Hosting a Beautiful & Cheap Dinner Party’ and as promised, here’s some suggestions on what to wear as a host/ hostess or a guest to a dinner party. (Or really, any special occasion)

Note: All the dresses are from ASOS and all the men’s shirts and pants are from J Crew.


dinner party dress 1

A black & gold glitter wrap dress

dinner party dress 2

Bold but not too overstated red/ black dress

dinner party dress 3

50’s inspired ivory dress


dinner party dress 4

A cream lace dress

dinner party dress 5

A fitted flare dress

dinner party dress 6

A spotty print dress


It works both ways, for the host or the guest, you’d want it to be casual and relaxing, so  a nice collared shirt and casual pants will do, such as the ones below

Secret Wash lightweight shirt in Fell ginghamStanton pant in classic fit

A lightweight gingham shirt teamed with a dark pair of pants

Secret Wash lightweight shirt in Fallon check484 slim-fit garment-dyed jean in dusty camel

A warm lightweight checkered jade shirt paired with slim fit camel jeans

Secret Wash lightweight shirt in Lucas plaid Bowery microstripe in classic fit

Royal navy plaid shirt matching with the classic fit in navy microstripe

I hope this post will give you an idea as to what to dress on the night of a dinner party or really any special event.


For the Singles on Valentine’s Day

So you’re single on Valentine’s Day, don’t fret, don’t let the mushyness fool you, why should it only be couples celebrating this day. Instead, have fun, celebrate your independence and think of it as ‘overpriced consumerism day’.

Here are some fun things for you to do, now let’s get to it!

speed dating

1. Speed dating

It’s a way to meet new people outside your social circle, get straight to the point and have some harmless fun. Why not take your single friend along with you and enjoy the night. The thing is, even if you don’t like your date, they’re only in your face for a couple of minutes

Fast Match and RSVP are holding a Speed Dating event this Valentine’s Day.

wii party

2. Battle of the sexes 

Hold a games night with your single friends and play a guys vs girls game of Singstar, Wii bowling or Mario Kart. Order in pizza and chugg down some drinks. Who says singles can’t have fun! Dominos pizza have a special discount this Valentine’s Day.

3. Watch Hugo

Relive your childhood fantasy and get transported in a magical and imaginative journey, full of life and adventure.

Check your local  Event Cinemas or Hoyts for show time

valentines day movie

4. Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Feeling bitter? Just like Jessica Biel’s character in the movie “Valentine’s Day”, why not hold a “I hate Valentine’s Day” party with all your single friends. Break those heart shaped cookies in half and let your anger out by smashing the piñata to pieces.

Here is how to make the heart shaped piñata


5. Volunteer

Raise your hand, spread some kindness and give some love back to the community by volunteering. Help those less fortunate than you, seeing a smile light up will surely make you feel at ease.

Have a look at The Smith Family and Go Volunteer

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

There’s only 2 days till Valentine’s Day, have you got your gift for him or her? For those of you that’s a last minute person, you’re in luck, because here are the top 5 presents that’s sure to make you a winner in his or her heart.  (Not that you ever weren’t!)



1. Flowers

Surprise her with flowers by sending a bunch to her office, it will make her heart skip a beat when the delivery guy calls out her name.

Urban Flowers offer free delivery and Ready Flowers have an arrange of colours to choose from

2. Share a love story

Or write sweet little messages in her phone without her knowing, and set an alarm with the time and date set to Valentine’s Day. You’re bound to make her day!

Ralph Lauren Romance

3. Perfume

This light feminine fragrance is just right for those cool Summer nights, with a delicate fusion of rose, violet, ginger, marigold and musk, it’s the smell of sweetness and elegance.

Available from Myer

mixed tape

4. A Mix CD

An easy DIY that’s fun to make, with a compilation of your favourite ‘our’ songs. Here are some suggestions that can be available for purchase from iTunes:

Lovers in Japan – Coldplay

Lucky – Jason Mraz (ft. Colbie Caillat)

My Girl – The Temptations

Lovefool – The Cardigans

No one – Alicia Keys

Valentines Day Card

5. A cute card

Feeling inspired? Why not make your own


Jet Cruising

1. Jet boat cruising

Feel the adrenaline rush, have fun together and see the delights Sydney Harbour has to offer. Better yet, there is a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon special from Adrenalin

Targus Hughes iPad Leather Slipcase

2. iPad Leather Case

If your man has an iPad, why not choose a nice protective leather case that also dubs as an executive portfolio, suitable for the frequent travellers, just like this Targus Portfolio Slipcase from Amazon

iPad case

3. Witty card

A nice simple DIY “i like you” card is all that counts. For more ideas, head over here

Valentine's Day Card

4. Love heart cookies

Bake him a dozen of these love heart shaped cookies to satisfy his sweet tooth. Get creative and write your own quotes. See recipe

Salisbury Wallet

5. Leather wallet

Purely for the look of slimness and convenience, for the man that dislikes bulkiness. Available from David Jones

Next post, I’ll talk about what to do for those that are single this Valentine’s Day.