What to dress to a Dinner Party

Continuing from my previous post, ‘Hosting a Beautiful & Cheap Dinner Party’ and as promised, here’s some suggestions on what to wear as a host/ hostess or a guest to a dinner party. (Or really, any special occasion)

Note: All the dresses are from ASOS and all the men’s shirts and pants are from J Crew.


dinner party dress 1

A black & gold glitter wrap dress

dinner party dress 2

Bold but not too overstated red/ black dress

dinner party dress 3

50’s inspired ivory dress


dinner party dress 4

A cream lace dress

dinner party dress 5

A fitted flare dress

dinner party dress 6

A spotty print dress


It works both ways, for the host or the guest, you’d want it to be casual and relaxing, so  a nice collared shirt and casual pants will do, such as the ones below

Secret Wash lightweight shirt in Fell ginghamStanton pant in classic fit

A lightweight gingham shirt teamed with a dark pair of pants

Secret Wash lightweight shirt in Fallon check484 slim-fit garment-dyed jean in dusty camel

A warm lightweight checkered jade shirt paired with slim fit camel jeans

Secret Wash lightweight shirt in Lucas plaid Bowery microstripe in classic fit

Royal navy plaid shirt matching with the classic fit in navy microstripe

I hope this post will give you an idea as to what to dress on the night of a dinner party or really any special event.


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